SPECIAL BLOG: 10 facts about the TF10 foiling trimaran!


In this special blog-article we inform you all about the TF10 foiling trimaran – the super foiling flying machine! Every other week we tell you a new, cool fact about this very sophisticated foiling multihull. Because every sailor needs to get to know her: all the details, features and benefits.

⛵TF10-fact #1:

Thanks to the sophisticated design, every sailor feels comfortable on the TF10 foiling trimaran:
😃 The bow is designed to cut through the waves. This results in less hits on waves, which greatly increases sailing comfort
😃 The carbon benches with back support provide a comfortable seat for crew and helmsman
😃 The TF10’s foils and T-rudders minimize pitch and roll movements
😃 The rake angle of all four foils is adjusted with electric actuators, which improves comfort and safety during sailing and foiling

⛵TF10-fact #2:

The TF10 foiling trimaran is completely made off carbon pre-preg with a Nomex honeycomb structure inside. This combination results in a very strong and stiff boat. She is perfectly capable of withstanding the rough elements such as wind and water. The TF10 ensures pleasant and comfortable sailing + fantastic foiling experience for every sailor.

⛵TF10-fact #3:

⛵TF10-fact: The wishbone boom (half windsurfer boom) on the TF10 foiling trimaran provides the decksweeper mainsail layout to perform at its best. This technique also offers an additional safety advantage: in a manoeuvre the sail is now the lowest point and not the carbon boom = safer for your head.

⛵TF10-fact #4:

In the world of trimarans the ‘one-offs’ are the normal. Not for the TF10! On the contrary, we already build 6 foiling trimarans of this type. Thanks to our unique one-design-production process, all boats have exactly the same design, equipment, technology, etc. This results in a new sailing class, in which not the boat determines whether you win the race, but the skills and experience of the captain.

⛵TF10-fact #5:

⛵TF10-fact: The rake angle of all four foils of the TF10 foiling trimaran is adjusted with electric actuators. This system was developed and built entirely by DNA. It improves comfort and safety during sailing and foiling, because the crewmembers can easily make changes with one move of their hand while seated on the carbon benches. This electrical steering-system, made in valuable cooperation with Sailmon, is also available in the cockpit of the boat.

A non-electrical back-up is the rope-with-ball-system: If, for example, due to water drops or other circumstances, the screen of the electronic control system is less easily readable, the angle of the foils can also be read by the position of the yellow ball.

Stay tuned for TF10 fact #6!
-Release September 22 2020-

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