SPECIAL BLOG: 10 facts about the TF10 foiling trimaran!


In this special blog-article we inform you all about the TF10 foiling trimaran – the super foiling flying machine! Every other week we tell you a new, cool fact about this very sophisticated foiling multihull. Because every sailor needs to get to know her: all the details, features and benefits.

⛵TF10-fact #1:

Thanks to the sophisticated design, every sailor feels comfortable on the TF10 foiling trimaran:
😃 The bow is designed to cut through the waves. This results in less hits on waves, which greatly increases sailing comfort
😃 The carbon benches with back support provide a comfortable seat for crew and helmsman
😃 The TF10’s foils and T-rudders minimize pitch and roll movements
😃 The rake angle of all four foils is adjusted with electric actuators, which improves comfort and safety during sailing and foiling

⛵TF10-fact #2:

The TF10 foiling trimaran is completely made off carbon pre-preg with a Nomex honeycomb structure inside. This combination results in a very strong and stiff boat. She is perfectly capable of withstanding the rough elements such as wind and water. The TF10 ensures pleasant and comfortable sailing + fantastic foiling experience for every sailor.

Stay tuned for TF10 fact #3!
-Release August 8th 2020-

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