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DNA is the high performance sailing division of Dutch-based advanced composite engineering and manufacturing company Holland Composites. At DNA we create state-of-the-art foiling multihulls and the line-up of our platforms currently comprises the following models:

  • the F1x – an 18 ft featherweight and super fast foiling A-class catamaran; Vice Champion of the 2018 Worlds
  • the TF10 – a 36 ft One Design folding & foiling trimaran for inshore and coastal racing
  • the G4 – a 40 ft high performance foiling catamaran with creature comforts for weekend sailing
  • the F4 – a 46 ft One Design thoroughbred foiling catamaran for coastal and offshore racing

Our boats are designed to bring high performance foiling to every level of the progressive sailing market. We strive to deliver aesthetically pleasing, safe and efficient platforms paired with bespoke customer service, all served by a professional project management team. Welcome to tomorrow’s sailing.

Light is right

All our boats are constructed from carbon prepreg material to achieve unrivalled lightweight constructions with greater strength, and allowing for consistent weights in series builds.

Frequent flyer benefits

With our foiling multihulls we set out to offer the pace and grace previously offered by much larger monohulls, now against reduced initial purchase and running costs.

Work with the Dutch

Only when you fancy working with a boat builder that takes genuine pride of its delivered work, that offers tomorrows boats today, you may want to consider contacting DNA.


The TF10 offers the thrill of sailing. Race it and have fun competing in One Design boats again.

The thrill of sailing redefined. Meet the new TF10 foiling trimaran, a manageable speed machine that sails at maxi speeds for mini operating costs. A boat that bridges the gap between monohull and multihull sailors and embraces both worlds.

2018 will see the launch of at least six TF10 trimarans with boats currently destined for the USA and Australia.

The program has been two years in the making and the outcome is better than we had hoped. This spanking new trimaran is a fast manageable boat which can be enjoyed by passionate sailors regardless of a mono or multihull background.

Safety and ease of operation have been prime goals during development, the platform provides great stability.

Due to the sensation of its four-point foiling configuration you may also enjoy sailing apart from racing however when you do want to up the ante, the class founders intent it to be a pure plug-and-play one-design experience. More info can be found at the TF10 class website.

Four-point foiling (using Z-foils) eliminates the need to mechanically drive the boards up and down during manoeuvres. Flight control comes from electronically adjusting the foils’ angle of attack.

Altogether, the boat is one high-tech carbon, titanium and electronics fest. Sailors will like the electronic rake control and tack & gybe button, the semi-rigid carbon trampolines, the 30+ knots speeds and much more; this boat needs to be seen and experienced to be fully understood.

Follow us in our TF10 journey and contact us for more information. The first boats will join the local racing scenes in 2018 so be in no doubt that we will have interesting news.

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