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Creating benchmark sailing pleasure.

We build excitement.

DNA is the high performance sailing division of Dutch-based advanced composite engineering and manufacturing company Holland Composites. At DNA we create state-of-the-art foiling multihulls and the line-up of our platforms currently comprises the following models:

  • the F1 – an 18 ft featherweight and superfast A-class catamaran; 2010-2016 Worlds winner
  • the TF10 – a 36 ft One Design folding trimaran for inshore and coastal racing
  • the G4 – a 40 ft highperformance catamaran with creature comforts for weekend sailing
  • the F4 – a 46 ft One Design thoroughbred catamaran for coastal and offshore racing

Our boats are designed to bring high performance foiling to every level of the progressive sailing market. We strive to deliver aesthetically pleasing, safe and efficient platforms paired with bespoke customer service, all served by a professional project management team. Welcome to tomorrow’s sailing.

Light is right

All our boats are constructed from carbon prepreg material to achieve unrivalled lightweight constructions with greater strength, and allowing for consistent weights in series builds.

Frequent flyer benefits

With our foiling multihulls we set out to offer the pace and grace previously offered by much larger monohulls, now against reduced initial purchase and running costs.

Work with the Dutch

Only when you fancy working with a boat builder that takes genuine pride of its delivered work, that offers tomorrows boats today, you may want to consider contacting DNA.


The TF10 offers the thrill of sailing. Race it and have fun competing in One Design boats again.

This trimaran brings triple fun. The foiling TF10 trimaran is the translation of Morelli&Melvins and DNA’s experience in competition multihulls into the broader category of dual-purpose sports-racing boats; boats that are fun to sail with friends AND to compete in.

The TF10 is a thoroughbred, yet thoroughly ‘sailable’ speed machine. When you know your way around the racecourse in monohulls, then your skillset will allow to race the TF10 too; it is merely a different application of sailing skills. It is high performance boat in the tradition of the most successful One Design boats of years past.

The TF10 can entertain and delight. We hope it fires your imaginations too and we ensure that the TF10 will deliver on the thrill of sailing; after the foiling revolution there is now evolution, and the TF10 is the first boat designed from scratch to introduce lessons learned; making foiling safer and more accessible for the everyday sailor. The TF10 is a gentleman’s foiler.

Easily transport the TF10 – retract the amas and trailer or ship your boat. The TF10 has been built with ease of competition in mind. You can arrive in Key West on your own trailer, or ship to Europe on a standard 40’ flat rack.

Open up new inland weekend cruising destinations with the ease of a boat ramp. No need to line up for a hoist, pay for a travel lift or register for a highway permit. The TF10 can be pulled with a standard HD pickup truck and can be launched from a ramp. The TF10 is simple to transport and set up, and can be stored indoors.

The TF10 trimaran is now available for deliveries.

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