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Creating benchmark sailing pleasure.

We build excitement.

DNA is the high performance sailing division of Dutch-based advanced composite engineering and manufacturing company Holland Composites. At DNA we create fully-foiling and state-of-the-art multihulls. and the line-up of our foiling platforms currently comprises the following models:

  • the F1 – an 18 ft featherweight and superfast A-class catamaran; 2010-2016 Worlds winner
  • the TF10 – a 32 ft One Design folding trimaran for inshore and coastal racing
  • the G4 – a 40 ft highperformance catamaran with creature comforts for weekend sailing
  • the F4 – a 46 ft One Design thoroughbred catamaran for coastal and offshore racing

Our boats are designed to bring high performance foiling to every level of the progressive sailing market. We strive to deliver aesthetically pleasing, safe and efficient platforms paired with bespoke customer service, all served by a professional project management team. Welcome to tomorrow’s sailing.

Light is right

All our boats are constructed from carbon prepreg material to achieve unrivalled lightweight constructions with greater strength, and allowing for consistent weights in series builds.

Frequent flyer benefits

With our foiling multihulls we set out to offer the pace and grace previously offered by much larger monohulls, now against reduced initial purchase and running costs.

Work with the Dutch

Only when you fancy working with a boat builder that takes genuine pride of its delivered work, that offers tomorrows boats today, you may want to consider contacting DNA.


Sail it. Race it. Earn your wings with a team.

The DNA F4 is an exciting carbon 46-foot foiling catamaran designed and built to push the boundaries of long-distance racing.

The DNA F4 exceeds the speeds of much larger mono-hulls whilst providing the safety and comfort of a similarly sized cockpit. More importantly, racing an F4 requires a fraction of the crew needed to competitively operate a comparable mono-hull, substantially lowering the cost of ownership.

The boat is the result of an intensive, nearly one year long, design collaboration between DNA’s engineers and America’s Cup winner Shannon Falcone.

  • Dihedral hydrofoils ensure stable foiling while reaching speeds in excess of 35 knots
  • State-of-the-art carbon prepreg & nomex construction
  • Racing-focused cockpit layout
  • Low-drag aero profile

Each yacht is hand built in The Netherlands, bespoke and built to the highest industry standards by a small team of craftsmen.

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