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G4 Foiling Catamaran

The best of both worlds

Grace, Pace & Fun
High-performance leisure sailing
Foiling from 17 knots boatspeed
Anyone can learn to foil
Emission free motoring
Retractable electric motor
Standing headroom in pilothouse
Outdoor galley for drinks & meals

The G4 is a yacht produced not in competition to the current racing or cruising yacht establishment, but one, we believe, that offers those serious about their sailing, an alternative philosophy and a very rewarding sailing experience.

Being part of DNA’s family of models and having an extensive foiling package, a state-of- the-art carbonfibre prepreg structure and room for six occupants with creature comforts, the G4 is evidently designed as a junior racer with a cruising bent – and emphatically not the other way around. It is a lusher, more practical, comfortable and refined take on any true high-performance catamaran than seen to date.

When we commenced with the design, we set out to create a boat which would deliver the ultimate sailor reward with a rush of adrenalin. In standard configuration, the G4 does not rely on electronic assistance as our back to basics approach concentrated on the more analogue qualities of sailing. By utilising a principle of pure engineering integrity from the main construction up we ensure that the sailing experience is an honest reflection of the sailors skill, putting you, the sailor, fully in control.

Optionally, an automated foil package can be opted for which allows for push-button operated sailing, electronic safety nets similar as seen on sports cars, which altogether provides a more relaxed performance sailing experience.

The G4 offers a finely finished interior in the philosophy ‘less is more’ and the extremely spacious outdoor cockpit allows for cooking and partying. Whether you want to relax or to party with 15 or more, the cockpit has ample room and everybody will be happy to accept a cold drink from the outdoor galley.

The saloon features two queen sized beds and a spacious couch for six to eight persons. A great place to eat, read or navigate with a panoramic view outside when seated. There is a lot of space on offer; the saloon offers standing height at entrance too.

Fancy a visit to the beach? The daggerboards and rudders are retractable so you can access shallow water. An electric Oceanvolt engine, also retractable and hidden in the saloons table leg, offers ample thrust and pollution free motoring.

Solar panels keep the batteries topped up and when you want to recharge the lithium battery bank during your days out without access to shore power, simply lower the engine and let the propellor regenerate power whilst sailing.

Put simply, the G4 is for those who love to sail. The creature comforts on board allow for long weekends, in which you can expect to cover 300 nm a day. Even if work duties imply busy schedules throughout the year, it is still possible to cover great distances in short periods of time. Ever since the launch of the prototype G4 in the spring of 2015, we have increased refinement and practicality levels while preserving the performance.

G4 summary
LWL 41.8 ft 12.74 m
LOA 39.8 ft 12.14 m
BOA 22.24 ft 6.78 m
Draft foils up 2 ft 0.6 m
Draft foils down 8 ft 2.4 m
Mast clearance 63.5 ft 19.36 m
Displacement lightship 6250 lbs 2835 kg
Displacement max load 9480 lbs 4300 kg
Salon height at entrance 6 ft 1.83 m
Water capacity 11 gal 40 l
Beds 4-6
Motor 8 kW electric, retractable


sailboatSail specifications
Supplier North Sails 3Di
Main 786 sq ft 73 m2
Jib (full battens) 345 sq ft 32 m2
FR0 (vertical battens – on furler) 420 sq ft 39 m2
MC0 (laminated sail – on furler)  1238 sq ft 115 m2


Retractable electric 8 kW Oceanv0lt saildrive with folding prop
Motor provides regeneration function too
Lithium ion battery bank 100 amp hours at 48V, house battery 50 amp hours at 12V
290W walkable solar panels on pilothouse roof
Sailing electronics included
LED strip lighting in pilothouse, outdoor galley and hulls
LED navigation lights
Tiller autopilot system
Stainless steel fridge drawer with 100 l capacity
Origo two-burner alcohol stove
Galley sink 11 gallon tank and 2 spigots
Potable water from tank with electric pump, salt water with foot pump
Vanity sink with spigot and electric pump in hull
Electric toilet with macerator in hull
Solar shower for use on trampoline
Emergency bilge pumps (2x manual, 2x electric)
Protected salon in pilothouse with seated headroom
Standing height at entrance pilothouse
Queen-sized beds on either side of central seating area with privacy enclosures
Optional single berth in each hull aft
Outdoor galley island top slides open to form coffee table
Abundant storage throughout for gear and toys – snorkeling, kiting etc
Head and sink offer standing headroom under opened gullwing hatches
Functional and ergonomic cockpit for sailing or relaxing
Settees along sides and across the aft end
Open aft end with pilothouse enclosed by Strataglass panels or optional screens
Lightweight awning/marquise on demountable carbon rods to create shade
Platform is all carbon prepreg with Nomex honeycomb, vacuum bagged and post cured at 110 C
Hulls feature collision bulkheads fore and aft
Foils are all carbon prepreg, processed in our autoclave
Rotating carbon mast and boom

The G4 is meticulously hand-built in The Netherlands at a 45-minute drive east of Amsterdam, and individually finished to the owners taste and aesthetic requirements. Exterior colour choice is limited to the buyer’s imagination. For those wishing for something even more rare and individual we can offer clear coated carbon items, featuring visible carbon weave which can be either lacquered natural weave or colour tinted.

We believe that every G4 should reflect both the personality and individuality of its owner. We encourage our clients to be involved throughout the build process, we invite and welcome our owners to view the progress of the build and to meet the engineers and personnel involved in its creation – it is our belief that a lasting personal relationship between the client and manufacturer is one of the huge benefits of low volume hand crafted yacht manufacturing.

Is it a cruiser-racer or a racer-cruiser? The G4 is not a stereotypical yacht; it is a yacht whose lightness, big-hitting performance and handling dynamism can make it win serious races. And you can just as well take it out for great fun in spare time, enjoy your time off with family and friends and indulge in long evenings at anchor, grilling some fish whilst the sun sets and your favourite music plays.

This may sound a contradiction; with the G4 we have aimed to design a yacht that operates on many different levels. Not just a thrillseeking vessel for when you want to go mental. This is no simply stripped down racer, the G4 is a complete package unlike anything available to date.

Gunboats involvement
We initially presented our G4 design to US-company Gunboat upon their asking how we would see a 40 ft weekend sailer which would bring the same fun and sensation as our DNA A-cat. Following the presentation of our interpretation we entered into an agreement to complete the design and engineering by DNA, have it built by Holland Composites and have it sold under the Gunboat brand. As Gunboat turned insolvent late 2015 and entered into Chapter 11, an agreement has been made in the fall of 2016 which allows the continuance of the G4. As of November 2016, the G4 is again offered by DNA for purchase.

In relaxed sailing with the family you may typically expect 15 knots upwind and 25 knots downwind at good angles. If you want to have a blast and are ready for an adrenaline-fuelled ride, the foils will work their magic making the boat airborne from 17 knots upwards and accelerate to a top speed of over 35 knots. The carefully reviewed foiling setup, the high volume wave piercing bows and the balance make for a safe experience without having to worry about pitch poling.

Key to the G4’s performance is the foil package, consisting of large L-shaped daggerboards and T-rudders. All foils can be raked forward or aft to provide either less or more lift. Not in the mood for a foiling day? Simply rake the foils forward and sail as every other catamaran.

As good as any foils may be, it is the low weight which allows the entire boat to be lifted. The integrated central spine enabled the design of a low-slung pilothouse which brings a low windage profile – once airborne the G4 can propel itself to 35 knots and beyond.

The foiling sensation is hard to describe. Imagine a magic carpet, sailing without the hammering on waves, no bows parting waves and splashing water over the deck, and with the foils having a dampening effects on movements everything seems to move slightly delayed – which is great for those typically prone to seasickness. The sound generated from the foils, a low hum which changes into a higher pitch when speeds go up, provides a perfect indication of the speeds at which you are travelling. Smiles are guaranteed.

Interested in the G4? Please fill in your contact details and drop us a message, we will be happy to respond.