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Our boats

DNA's current model line-up of foiling boats

The feeling of foiling compares to the feeling of takeoff in a small aircraft. Experiencing is believing.

Our designs, regardless of size, all share a few characteristics. Striking aesthetics to make you look back at your boat when walking out the marina or leaving the beach. Very stiff yet lightweight constructions to offer ample raw performance and nimble handling. Installation of high quality components of leading marine suppliers to offer a great sailing package altogether.

F1 A-class catamaran

The ultimate single handed dinghy: ultra-modern, incredibly fast, agile and powerful, optimized for aero, improved ergonomics with a demanding design and a high level of execution. The world’s coolest boat for single-handed racing and winner of the 2016 A-cat Worlds: the DNA F1 A-cat.

Replacing the highly successful initial DNA A-cat, which ran from 2010 through 2015 and which was the platform of choice for each and every A-cat World Champion in this period, was a significant challenge but one all DNA design team members loved for 2016.

TF10 One-Design foiling trimaran

The TF10 trimaran is an exhilarating and entertaining platform which offers the next generation of foiling. The TF10 has been designed from it’s core for more controlled foiling. The TF10 combines attributes collectively learned from previous foiling boats and provides a foiling trimaran platform for all high-performance sailors to experience.

The TF10 is strict one-design with a strong owners group driving the class, which will ensure the yachts remain competitive without the need for constant tinkering and expensive modifications.

G4 high-performance daysail catamaran

The G4 is a yacht produced not in competition to the current cruising or racing yacht establishment, but one, we believe, that offers those serious about their sailing, an alternative philosophy and a more rewarding sailing experience.

Each yacht is hand built in The Netherlands, bespoke and built to our clients individual requirements by a small team of craftsmen. With its extraordinary lines and performance, the G4 does not compete or align itself with any other currently available yacht for coastal sailing. Super light and well-powered, the G4 delivers the ultimate sailor reward with a rush of adrenalin.

F4 One-Design offshore race catamaran

The DNA F4 is an exciting carbon 46-foot foiling catamaran designed and built to push the boundaries of distance racing.

The boat is the result of an 8-month design collaboration between DNA’s engineers and America’s Cup winner Shannon Falcone and pro sailor Tommy Loughborough. The platform will be validated from the fall of 2016 onwards and we expect to have all items signed off for One Design approval in the spring of 2017.