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The 25 improvements of the 2019 DNA F1X A-class catamaran!

The 25 improvements of the 2019 DNA F1X A-class catamaran!

The 25 improvements of the 2019 DNA F1X A-class catamaran!

DNA A Cat has a history of leading designs. 

DNA started mass-producing A-cat catamarans in January 2010. Producing the boat in the autoclave with pre-preg and nomex made the boats so robust and reliable that the limits of sailing them got pushed further. Resulting in the boats being able to fly.

The design Philosophy behind the F1X.

Look at the platform in two ways; it is part hydrodynamic in and under water and part aerodynamic above the water.

The new boards and rudders are the right mix of low drag and high control. Intensive design and testing results in excellent steering behavior trough the range, 4kn to 30kn. The ride height (Heave) stability and ease of use are making every sailor a Foiler.

The 2019 DNA F1X is the exactly the same foiling catamaran that Mischa Heemskerk become Vice-world champion on at the 2018 Hervey bay World championship.

So why is the 2019 DNA F1X so special and NOT comparable to any other boat on the market? Let’s have a detailed look at the improvements of the “out of the box” 2019 model, that you can order ready to fly from our factory in Lelystad!

DNA F1X The Advantages and design details

1. Rearbeam moved max aft plus mainsheet / traveller aft maximizing the opening to cross the boat

2. Daggerboard rake control indicator integrated in Deck

3. Rudder rake system

4. Upwind foiling foot strap

5. Carbon rudder cassettes for maximum stiffness which results in more control foiling at high speed

6. Aerodynamic rudder crossbar

7. Aerodynamic hull contour to release and accelerate the air under the trampoline

8. Traveller indicator stripes on the deck

9. Internal Harken traveller with industrial grade bearings running on a carbon rail

10. Maximum elbow width of the boards adding more righthing moment, more diagonal tip length for more aspect ratio and more roll stable

11. Rudder verticals, placed inward reducing interference with main foils

12. Bottom trampoline reducing Aero drag

13. Daggerboard opening rotating bullet for optimum bearing surface closing the opening when raising the boards for floating

14. Hull shaped to release the wind from under the tramp

15. Wingshaped front beam accelerating the wind into the bottom of the sail

16. DNA inventor of the A Cat Whisbone boom together with Mischa Sails 1stDeckSweeper

17. High Modulus Pre Preq rudder verticals for maximum stiffness and minimum thickness

18. Wave piercing low bow section for reduced upwind Aero Drag

19. Single line mainsheet reduced Aero drag

20. Extended rudder gudgeon for maximum beam between rudder and main foil providing more longitudinal stability

21. Downwind foot strap

22. DNA Hard trampoline, our own no stretch material adds to your control on the platform

23. Forward facing mast rotator arm making space for the sail to connect to the sealed trampoline

24. Autoclaved Pre-Preg honeycomb sandwich hulls for more fibres per kg boat resulting in stronger and stiffer platform

25. Integrated tie points for front shroud

Now you know why the 2019 DNA F1X is unlike any other foiling catamaran on the market.

If you want more information, or have any other questions please email them to [email protected]

Kind regards,

Mischa Heemskerk & Team DNA