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F1x A-cat foiling catamaran

F1X A-cat foiling catamaran

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F1X A-cat – Features
Price EUR 25.000 ex VAT
LOA 5.49 m
BOA  2.3 m
Weight 53 kg
Sail area 13.94 m2
Top speed  29.6 kn to date
Compliant with IACA rules

Our latest model is the F1X 2019 a-class catamaran (the same model Mischa Heemskerk became Vice World Champion with, and DNA Performance Sailing founder Pieterjan Dwarshuis Grand master World champion at the 2018 worlds in Hervey Bay).

Replacing the highly successful initial DNA A-cat, which ran from 2010 to the end of 2018 and is the platform of choice for each and every A-cat World Champion contender and for every sailor that wants to foil, go fast and have maximum fun!

The F1X A-cat
The ultimate single handed foiling catamaran: ultra-modern, incredibly fast, agile and powerful, optimized for aero, improved ergonomics with a demanding design and a high level of execution. The world’s coolest foiling multihull sailboat for single-handed racing: the DNA F1X A-cat.

It is part of human nature to cross boundaries and set new records. This striving is also our driving force at DNA. The F1X is the result of our efforts to make the best even better, yet again. Read about the 25 significant improvements achieved over the previous model.

sailboatDNA F1 A-cat overview
Hulls and beams are made of carbon prepreg, cured in one production run to avoid secondary bonding
‘Supertramp’, flexible carbon upper deck for optimal aero
Platforms comes standard in clear coated carbon, colour coating on request
Z-boards -a DNA invention- are carbon prepreg, autoclaved
L-rudders are carbon prepreg, autoclaved
Carbon rudder cassette, rake can be adjusted while sailing
Aero shaped cross bar and tiller arms
Platform comes completely ready to sail – just step the mast and compete in any race
Flexible daggerboard cases reduce water carried on board while sailing
Kinked carbon front beam for aero purposes
Optimized for decksweeper sails
DNA works with Mischa Sails for optimal setup
Decksweeper sails are optimized to sailors weight
DNA masts are tapered, manufactured exclusively for DNA by Fiberfoam
Fiberfoam #14 masts are offered in various stiffnesses too
Various other accessories are available:
> full boat cover
> trampoline cover
> beach trolley
> road trailer

The F1 is the latest interpretation of our core values and embodies our current design language. The styling accentuates the performance aspect of a racy foiling boat. The new design language is characterised by extremely sleek surfaces, which is accentuated by the exposed carbon fibres. A great focus was laid on reducing windage, extensive CFD testing to either the entire boat has been done to improve the aerodynamic part. Thereby most of the parts have been redesigned to fully accentuate the growing performance requirements of the A-cat and ensure a long technical lifespan – we do not want to deliver a boat that turns soft after one year of good usage.

Our foils and rudders are built out of a balanced mix of high and standard modulus carbon prepreg and are cured in our autoclave. The foils and rudders are processed in one single production run, eliminating the bonding of two halves where the adhesive is the weakest part. This technology offers the strength required to hold the high loads conditions during foiling and the additional stiffness that improves the boat handling at high speed.

Tapered mast
Our DNA masts are built by Fiberfoam in Austria and comprise of a balanced mix of high and standard modulus carbon prepreg. The mast is tapered in the top to save weight, reduce drag and improve the trimming of the main sail.

Hulls and beams
The F1’s hulls and beams are entirely built out of autoclaved sandwich structures with carbon fiber prepreg and Nomex honeycomb. This high-end technology is the very same construction method as used on America’s Cup boats as well as in the aerospace industry. The fiber-to-weight ratio of the F1 A-cat is unmatched which means the boat will remain stiff for many years to come, regardless of frequent sailing. The hulls are painted with a clear coating as this is the lightest coating possible.

For years, the definition of a fast A-cat was mostly made by its total weight. This time, we have intentionally added more weight as we believe – when applied well – this actually increases performance levels. The platform is stronger than ever and will remain stiff for years to come, it too has all the latest aero improvements we could think of. Adding aero sometimes includes adding weight, as long as it makes sense to add weight at the right locations for the right reasons. The achieved results of the 2016 Worlds demonstrated the feasibility of our design philosophy.

Interested in the F1 A-cat? Please fill in your contact details, make reference to the F1 and drop us a message, we will be happy to respond.