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DNA and Goodall Design join forces

DNA and Goodall Design join forces

DNA and Goodall Design join forces

We are pleased to have Goodall Design appointed as our official sales & service point for DNA F1 A-class catamaran (A-cats) in Australia and neighboring countries.

Goodall, based on a one hour drive north of Melbourne, will handle sales and provide service support for the latest DNA F1 A-cats. The DNA F1 A-cats offered by Goodall come as standard coated in white, pearl grey to be precise, and a bespoke DNA & Goodall Design livery. Other than that there are no changes and boats will be supplied in the latest iteration.

“The F1 is the absolute pinnacle of the A-class platforms. Holland Composites have taken every good idea and pushed it into this new boat, to provide the ultimate ready to race package.” Says Brett Goodall “It is clear that the F1 is not only something different in terms of design, but was also being finished to a completely and delivered to such a high standard that it will shift people’s expectations within the class.

Greg Goodall founded Goodall Design over 40 years ago and entered the A-class scene already back in 1978. Just a few years later, Greg raced a young Dutchman named PJ Dwarshuis in the same division, not knowing their paths would cross again in 2016. This young Dutchman enjoyed sailing and racing catamarans that much, that following graduation in 1991 he founded Holland Composites to build lightweight carbon sailing products and launched his own A-cat design under the name DNA in 2010.

Some 35 years onwards Greg’s son Brett continues the Goodall legacy and after meeting with the DNA team, an agreement has been made to have Goodall Design representing DNA in Australia and neighboring countries for the F1 A-cats.

“I vividly recall racing Greg in Cesenatico at one of my first European A-cat events in 1982 and am very excited to may work with his son. His dad beat me fair and square by the way! We all look forward to support Brett and are excited to compete in Australia with our latest models. Fun times lie ahead.” said PJ Dwarshuis.

“I am extremely excited about this new relationship” says Brett Goodall. “We have been somewhat out of the A-class now for almost a decade, but have always watched the fleet and often discussed being re-involved again.”

About Goodall Design
Goodall Design is a second generation family business built on a foundation of doing better. Its products are the result of trying, testing and developing for more than 40 years. During this timeframe, Goodall Design boats and rigs have won major championships on almost every continent; including over a dozen World Championships in open design classes, such as A-class, F18 and F16.

Goodall Design currently offers the C2, G14 and Viper racing catamarans which are all sailed with two persons. Their range of products has now been extended the DNA F1 for single handed sailing.

For more information about Goodall Design please visit www.goodalldesign.com.au.

For inquiries, Brett can be contacted by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone at +61 (0)3 5443 6910.

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