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About DNA

It all started some 35 years ago..

When company founder PJ joined the A-class as a youngster - he never left the class and started building his own A-cats as a teenager.

With DNA we create full-foiling and state-of-the-art multihulls

back-in-time-dnaSo why do we offer multihulls only?

We believe that the world of high performance sailing is changing. Where catamarans and trimarans were once for the geeks or holiday charter companies only, this has changed due to the America’s Cup having migrated from mono to multihull, and the foiling revolution which really took off since the 2013 America’s Cup.

Back then, we were already pioneering foiling on our A-cats and supplied the AC teams with our boats for them to get accustomed to the foiling experience on a multihull.

Apart from the pursuit for raw performance on foils, there are however more advantages with multihulls. Compared with monohulls of similar length, the boats offer higher cruising speeds, 25 knots and more is not uncommon. The effortless way multihulls sail and cover enormous distances allow greater options to explore planet sea. Draft is less than equivalent sized monohull providing far more harbour or anchor location options. The multihull layout offers by definition a larger deck, facilitating wide saloons and ditto outdoor cockpit which provides the perfect entertainment platform.

The low roll and pitch at anchor makes for a comfortable night’s rest and an extremely stable dining and entertainment deck. While sailing, heel angle at multihulls is significantly less than at monohulls which makes for comfortable sailing – as you waft along at higher speeds as well. The ease of sailing equates to less crew and cheaper annual costs.