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TF10 foiling trimaran

 Controlled foiling
Fair and fun one-design racing
Electronically rake controlled foils
Created by owners for owners
Amas fold for ease of logistics
Can be trailered without permits
Inshore and coastal saling
Sleeps off-watch crew
Easy to ship worldwide

This trimaran brings triple fun . The foiling TF10 trimaran is the translation of Morelli&Melvins and DNA’s experience in competition multihulls into the broader category of dual-purpose sports-racing boats; boats that are fun to sail with friends AND to compete in.

The TF10 is a thoroughbred, yet thoroughly ‘sailable’ speed machine. When you know your way around the racecourse in monohulls, then your skillset will allow to race the TF10 too; it is merely a different application of sailing skills. It embodies the race-proved qualities of performance, ‘sailability’, reliability and safety which we believe are all desirable to make the TF10 a success as the next One Design boat for yachtclub racing – a boat which entices men and women, youth and adults.

The TF10 can entertain and delight. We hope it fires your imaginations too and we ensure that the TF10 will deliver on the thrill of sailing; after the foiling revolution there is now evolution, and the TF10 is the first boat designed from scratch to introduce lessons learned; making foiling safer and more accessible for the everyday sailor. The TF10 is a gentleman’s foiler.

Easily transport the TF10 – retract the amas and trailer or ship your boat. The TF10 has been built with ease of competition in mind. You can arrive in Key West on your own trailer, or ship to Europe on a standard 40’ flat rack.

Open up new inland weekend cruising destinations with the ease of a boat ramp. No need to line up for a hoist, pay for a travel lift or register for a highway permit. The TF10 can be pulled with a standard HD pickup truck and can be launched from a ramp. The TF10 is simple to transport and set up, and can be stored indoors.

The TF10 trimaran is now available for deliveries in 2017 and onwards.




LOA 35.9 ft 10.94 m
LWL 32.7 ft 9.97 m
Beam (floats) 22.3 ft 6.8 m
Beam (benches) 25.1 ft 7.65 m
Beam when folded 8.6 ft 2.6 m
Draft foils up 1.4 ft 0.4 m
Draft foils down 8.4 ft 2.55 m
Internal height centre hull 5.8 ft 1.78 m
Mast length 52.8 ft 16.1 m
Displacement lightship 2645 lbs 1200 kg
Displacement max load 3308 lbs 1500 kg
Foil configuration > Z-foil daggerboards
> T-rudders (kick-up)
Foil handling >> electronic rake control from cockpit
>> no up-down for daggerboards required
Crew 4 nominal
Water capacity not built-in
Beds 2
Motor TBD


sailboatSail specifications
Supplier North Sails 3Di offshore ply
Main 484 sq ft 45 m2
Jib (full battens) 298 sq ft 28 m2
Spinnaker (on furler) 764 sq ft 71 m2


Engine type TBD – may be electric
Engine will be retractable on sliding bracket
Rake actuators on all foils
Foil rake is controlled from panel in cockpit
Lopolight LED navigation lights
DNA semi-rigid carbon trampoline at floats
Dyneema knotless black trampoline at bow
Interior sleeps 2-3 persons
Racing finish
Interior can be locked off with doorpanel
Ample storage space
Hulls are all carbon prepreg with Nomex honeycomb
Foils are all carbon prepreg, processed in our autoclave using single-shot technique
Rotating carbon mast and wishbone boom

The TF10 has come about by a group of five sailing friends from the US East Coast who united to create what they felt might be needed to bring American yacht club racing more on par with America’s Cup developments from the last decade – and keeping the young guns hooked to the sport of sailing.

These gentlemen have united as the TF10 Class Association and with their wealth of experience in various one-design racing series and the experienced flaws, the ultimate goal is to create a racing series as exciting, honest and fun as the boat itself is.

The 2018 TF10 Regatta calendar is yet to be released with marquee events planned: Summer Series on the Eastern Seaboard, winter Florida Championship, and a potential European Race Series.

More information can be found at the class website: www.TF10class.com.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. We will be sea trialling by the end of the spring of 2017 and hope to validate the VPP as soon as we can.

We are deliberately not seeking for the ultimate performance, however seek for great performance which is accessible and safe. We meet our performance target when amateur sailors can sail and fly this machine feeling in control, comfortably around 30 knots downwind. The max VMG will be greater however again; that is not the greatest goal.

We expect the Z-foils and T-rudders to make the boat airborne from around 16 knots upwards and allow the TF10 to accelerate to a top speed of well over 30 knots.

Interested in the TF10? Please fill in your contact details, make reference to the TF10 and drop us a message, we will be happy to respond.