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Red Bull: Flying On Water

Red Bull: Flying On Water

Red Bull: Flying On Water

When we set out to work on the DNA F4, the goal was to create a very cool and capable offshore foiling catamaran. One design. Little did we know that the final product would be sailed, and really, SAILED, by some of the most talented sailors in the world on a spectacular mission.

Summer holidays were cancelled for the greater cause of what is now finally public: Jimmy Spithill and crew embarked on an epic adventure to foil from New York to Bermuda, facing 35-knot winds (45mph) and waves up to 25 feet on the open ocean.

What started in ideal foiling conditions out of New York last November 5th turned treacherous for this skilled team, who had to fight vicious winds and unexpected conditions over 66 hours and three nights during the 662-mile (1,065km) open ocean flight over water.

Led by Spithill, the Team Falcon crew included Shannon Falcone of Antigua; Rome Kirby of Newport, Rhode Island, USA; Tommy Loughborough of Singapore; Cy Thompson of the Virgin Islands; and Bermuda’s own Emily Nagel, a member of Team Bermuda in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.

“We went from pushing the boat for performance…into survival mode,” said Australia’s Jimmy Spithill, the ORACLE Team USA skipper who is a two-time America’s Cup champion. “I wanted to push myself mentally and physically further than I’ve ever gone before because the America’s Cup next year will be tougher and harder-fought and more unpredictable than anything I have ever experienced. It was exactly what I needed, to really test myself under extreme conditions. It’s only then, when the stress and fatigue levels climb so high and you need to make the right calls as a skipper, that you push yourself and your development. Ultimately, this will help me be a better sailor next year when the America’s Cup is on the line.”

Please visit Red Bulls Flying On Water site for all info about this mega adventure. And stay tuned for more!